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Nutri-Life Accelerate fertilizer

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Nutri-Life Accelerate fertilizer
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  • 2011-05-20
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Brief Description
Composting and residue breakdown made easy with this blend of ferocious cellulose digesters.
Product Attributes
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    Biological Fertilizer
Detailed Description
A talc based microbe blend containing a comprehensive mix of decomposers and cellulose digesters. Nutri-Life Accelerate has been specifically formulated to hasten the composting process and improve the quality and microbial composition of the final compost product. This product can also be used to ensure rapid breakdown of crop residue (stubble) or green manure crops.


    * Facilitates rapid stubble digestion.
    * Promotes rapid & efficient composting.
    * Improves the fungi to bacteria ratio.
    * Helps with the recovery of disease affected soils.